Our story and our store

Our story

In the beginning, as long ago as in 1994, we had three women, a great idea and incredible energy. After contemplating and spinning on our ideas for a while and mingled with the good and bad sides around the idea, we decided to set up a sensual-lifestyle pleasure shop as a competitor for traditional porn shops. At that time, all porn shops was  basically the men's kingdom. Women felt that they were not welcome at these places. Our goal was to lower the threshold for women to enter the sex shop and to share expert knowledge about sexual health and intimate products.

From the very beginning, our concept got a very great reception and continues on the same line today.

Nowadays, we serve our customers diversely. We have an online store and a physical store. We serve customers interested in the tools of the industry, for whom knowledgeable and friendly service is important. We invest heavily in the service and we will be happy to introduce products to the store. 

Our interest in sexuality and sexual health has only increased along the way. We find it interesting to be part of a rapidly changing world where understanding of the diversity of sexuality and sexual health as part of the holistic welfare of humans is only growing.

We are constantly working with healthcare professionals because we have sexual health as an important part of our business. Our partners include various hospital districts, doctors, sex therapists, sexologists, pharmacists and physiotherapists and sexual healthcare organizations and colleges.

In 2008, our R & D team developed the Global market's first sexual health care set for pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies.

Our store

Our well-known store is located in heart of Helsinki, Albertinkatu 36, 00180. 

Our store is open Mon-Fri  11-18, Sat 11-15.  

30.5 shop is closed

Tel. + 358 0 700 29 207


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